Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to the Woman Cave.

Ahoy Cottage-Cheesers!  Thanks for visiting My Cottage Cheese and welcome to my first post! (Aside from the "About Me".... do check that out for my mission statement). 

This home post is all about the Woman Cave.  If you've read Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, (the ultimate, proven authority on the conflict between men and women) you would know that women don't dig caves.  They dig open fields... lots of space to talk, be out in the open!  Most men retreat to their alone time in the face of peril; we women can't help but share as if the more people who know, the more comfort we feel.  

This setup is very accurate between my boyfriend Mike and I.  My extroverted side just lets loose when we're together... even if I know he doesn't want to hear it, I can't help but hammer him with what's on my mind.   We were good friends before we were dating, so I treated him like another girlfriend (a sign I didn't grow up with boys, much). Before a romantic connection was established he heard it all.. about my monthly special friend "my P", my ingrown toenails, the blackheads on my nose, etc.  Admittedly, it is much wiser to put those filters in place when you are unknowingly in a courtship with someone (I was slow to catch on that one).   

I hope each and every one of you find someone who can revel in the imperfections that make you who you are to create the finished, glossy you but I've learned that ignorance is bliss for most of 'em... (I know I'm having a Sex in the City Miranda moment).  

And you should feel comfortable and able to be yourself around your guy but  there are just some things that you should just share- woman to woman.  Girlfriend to girlfriend.   REAL woman to REAL woman.  Cottage Cheeser to Cottage Cheeser- you get it. 

So,  I end this first post with an extension of my Mission Statement.  Love yourself, and on those days when you want to complain about yourself, tell another REAL woman and keep the men out of it.   Feel free to use me as a sounding board, and a provider of REAL tips and stories.  I'm listening. 

Welcome to the Woman Cave. 


  1. Hey Steph! Yay, I am the first person to post a comment here! :) Was the picture above taken in Miami? If so, I think I might have taken that. ;) Anyways, I look forward to more REAL posts of yours. xxx

  2. Thank you E! You are one of my first readers :). Yes that photo is from MIA :)